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23rd Jan 2020

Dragon Bites - The Value of Your Word

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This is our first time for Dragon Bites to be in its intended time slot. Progress not perfection.

The Value of Your Word is one of the thought processes I've really enjoyed exploring & writing about. It not only goes to our trustworthiness but it also is a big part of the foundation of our confidence & self worth as we discuss in the PODcast. Can't wait for you to hear it!

Episode 3

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20th Jan 2020

Dragon Bites - Hurry Time's Running Out

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Good day Dragons! Today's Dragon Bites episode is about time. It's about the here & now. It's about the future. It's about the past. It's about accomplishing your goals & learning from your past.

Hurry Time's Running Out is a an article I wrote a couple of years ago but it is still as useful & true as it was the day I wrote it. I hope it is helpful for you today - right now!

Episode 2

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13th Jan 2020

Dragon Bites - The Guarantee

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Today we discuss - The Guarantee. In this Dragon Bites episode I tell you a little about my poker playing days & some of the lessons I learned, as well as, some of the philosophy behind the game & how it relates to life & life lessons. Remember - you might be plain, you might be ordinary, but you are a Dragon!

Episode 1

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6th Jan 2020

Dragon Bites - Where to Invest First

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Welcome back Dragons! Today's episode is all about where to invest first. Where to put those precious resources to their best use is where we begin. You can read the article on the website here --> Where to Invest First if you prefer to read instead of listening.

Episode 22

Published on:

30th Dec 2019

Dragon Bites - Gettin' Lucky

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Welcome Dragons, to the last episode of 2019. With 2019 hot on our heels & new beginnings in 2020, I thought it would be a good time to talk about being & getting "lucky" This is something people have called me for as long as I can remember, and it continues to this very day (ask my wife about Monopoly or playing heads up Texas Hold 'Em sometime). I explain some of my methodology on how to get "lucky" in this episode, which you can also read here --> Being Lucky - This may be one of the shorter episodes, however, if taken to heart, it might be one of the most important.

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About the Podcast

Plain Ordinary Dragon
The PODcast - A Philosophy Driven Life
Plain Ordinary Dragon was originally born as a concept back in 2006, while I was going through the Dale Carnegie class “How to Win Friends and Influence People”. During one of the exercises, I came to realize just how amazing each and every person in the class was, if, I took the time to really get to know & understand them. Not just the folks who have accomplished impressive feats, built businesses, hiked the Appalachian Trail, or participated in historic events, but the single mom who has overcome a deck of life stacked against her to successfully stand on her own terms or the woman who lost her family in 9/11 or, You.

While this may not be a radical idea, it was an enlightening one for me. To understand, everyone who we meet or pass by, has an amazing story – or truth – we can learn from, or can enrich our lives, is inspirational & empowering. Once we understand how special each one of us is, we begin to understand how amazing we ourselves truly are. We begin to understand the power we hold. We begin to be able to access it & use it to improve our lives & the lives of those we come into contact with each day.

No matter how plain, no matter how ordinary, we are Dragons. And dragons are beautiful. Dragons are powerful. These mystical creatures, we are, have talents & gifts we have yet to fully comprehend, let alone master.

I’m just a plain ordinary dragon, but I’m strong & powerful beyond measure.

You may be just a plain ordinary dragon, but you are beautiful & worthy in your own way.

We may be plain ordinary dragons but we are amazing creatures.

Our purpose at POD is to help you to discover, uncover & understand how amazing and special you really are, then apply it to your life with gratitude and work ever toward mastery of yourself so you can choose to create the life you envision. The life you are meant to live.

You are unique. You are the only one of you. No one else can be you. No one else can do the things you do, & that’s intrinsically valuable.

We need you. We need your voice. It’s the only one able to share your truth with a world desperate to hear it.

Dragons, we welcome you!

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